7186226.jpgU.S. Patent No. 7,186,226 is a patent for a method of making a “massage device” from your electric toothbrush.  Come on, you know you’re not the first to think about your toothbrush in this way.  However, Graham began his quest back in 2003.  This recently issued patent claims a process of removing the bristles from the head of the brush. Further the patent claims a process for making low cost heads for use with the device.

The patent states that an object of the invention is to “provide a process for making a sexual massage device that is small and discrete; the appearance of most sex toys is usually very indicative of their purpose which can be embarassing for owners and users.” 

The claims include a process comprising trimming or removing the bristles fo the head and applying a resin. The resin is used to shape the head of the toothbrush.

Great job Graham, we need more ideas for alternative uses of everyday devices.