Welcome to X-RatedPatents.com, your source for all adult-oriented patents.  Here, we will examine the new and exciting x-rated patents issued from the Patent and Trademark Office. We launch with the x-rated patents of 2006.  When x-rated patents issued from the PTO are few and far between, we will add previous year’s patents, and highlight historical x-rated patents of interest.

Furthermore, if I can get inventors to send us samples of their newly-patented products, I intend to add reviews of patented x-rated products!

Also, if you have an x-rated toy or product with a patent number on it, email me the number, and send a picture if you can, and we’ll feature it on a new page, the User’s Device of the Week.

Finally, if you find that I’ve missed a patent (from 2006 or newer), let me know and I’ll make sure to include it.

Thanks for coming!