7186212.jpgU.S. Patent No. 7,186,212 is a patent for the most advanced love doll I’ve ever see.  Probably a patent for the Face X System by the makers of the Realdoll, this patent claims a fully articulated female doll with interchangeable faces or heads.  The body is made of flexible material (such as silicone) with a rigid head and moveable jaw.  The patent allows for an audio device to be added to provide for “aural verisimilitude”. (I think that means moaning.) 

The ability to change faces allows the user to change the genotype of the rall rather easily, avoiding the need for multiple dolls of varying genetics.  The disclosure states that “A large busom (93), as seen in Figure 1, is generally considered more attractive int he famale human form regardless of genotype but in the shape of the breasts comprising the same is generally crecognized as being of greater aesthetic value than mere size.  And the shape of the breasts is generally correlated, regardless of genotyp, to the feel of the same.  This, along with other physical attributes such as the buttocks and thighs, vulva (36) and lips (59) generally correspond to age and physical condition with firmness associated with youth and good physical condition and flaccidity with age or obesity. It is noted that sexual drive in humans has a purpose, biologically, and that aesthetics are derived from evolutionary factors. Men who are attracted to excessively aged, young, or physically infirm women will not achieve reproduction and hence the attributes of a physically capable woman of an age still to bear many children are seen tob e biologically programmed, as it were, in the male.” 

“A large and relatively firm bosom (93) is indicative of robust mammary glands necessary, prior to the modern age, to feed a large succession of infants. With regard to the present invention it is emphasized that the shape and feel of the body (11) is preferably consistent with what is generally considered attractive to men because the obtainment of sexual release with a doll (10) in preferred accordance with the principles relating to said nivention is fundamental to said invention. And, with more particular regard with preferred embodiment, it is noted that biologically men are programmed to achieve impregnation of as many different women as possible.  Exogamy, in brief, is a biological virtue; it is the opposite of inbreeding. Therefore, in order to obtain success in providing sexual release for a human male variety of appearance especially by variation of the appearance of genotype, is recognized as being of great significance.”

Further, “It is sufficient to note that the rear of the doll (10) possesses visual and palpable versimilitude with an attractive human female form. The simulated skin (16) and simulated flesh (15) is the same as that used on the front of the doll (10) and the only noteworthy if not obvious feature is considered to comprise the buttocks which are simplyl constructed with an ample amount of simulated flesh (15) to attain the desired versimilitude in shape and feel.”

“It is also note that these two components or features, i.e., the buttocks and most particularly the bosom (93), are preferably softer than the balance of the obdy (12) except, of course for the vulva (36) and mouth (30), both of which, in accordance with the versimilitude required in feel, particularly, are preferably made of relatively soft, pliant, flexible material inclusive of silicone rubber.  The intended function of the doll (10), moreover, suggests that the vulva (36) and the mouth (30), as seen in FIGS. 2 & 5, and anus (not shown) have at internal termination, a fluid receptacle (26) that is easily cleaned, preferably removable from the doll (10), and preferably made of a smooth membrane (25) overlapping, or contiguous if not continuous with, the smooth membrane (25) most preferably lining these anatomical cavities.”

The rest of the patent is also an interesting read, peppered throughout with discussions of male sexual nature and how features of the doll are well paired with those genetic predispositions. 

The patent further dislcoses use of a motor to control jaw and eye movement.  Meaning that this doll may very well be the most realistic love doll on this planet. 

A final note, this is a very detailed patent, claiming priority back to the provisional in May, 2003, which seems to correllate with the press release of this new RealDoll product.

Matthew, I’d love to get a tour of your manufacturing plant and see these in person.  E-mail me.