7168101.jpgU.S. Patent No. 7,168,101 is a patent for a protective cover of a woman’s sexual organs.  The main objective of this inevntion is “Stopping the spread of AIDS/HIV virus and empowerment of sex victims”.  (Another object of the invention is to protect against illicit sex.)  I recommend you read the Background section, it’s quite a read!

I still don’t quite understand why I keep finding these patents?  Are there a lot of overly-protective fathers out there? Women afraid of being raped such that they lock up their lovely bits? 

I like Column 7, lines 9-14:  “Once the whole assembly of the device in this invention, as described avove is worn and located on the body of the wearer, since it is not necessary to take off the security underwear in order to use toilet, especially in the case of yound sexually active people, the key or the combination number of the lock should be kept away from the wearer.  This way the would be sex offender cannot force the would be victim to unlock and undress and force himself onthe victim. Even if consensual sex is allowed the key or the combination number should rather be obtained from the permanent partner or guardian.” 

I can see it now:  “Daddy, can I have the key to my underwear so Alex and I can have sex?”